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Compassion Isn't Caving

Once again President Donald Trump has proven he isn't your typical politician easily to be deciphered.

Recently, with so much on the line - his political career, the risk of losing his base - Trump played the ultimate high stakes card and showed compassion to nearly 800,000 government employees by ending the month-long government shutdown and giving these employees who were at the brink of despair, and others depending on the government, hope.

Needless to say, social media was ripe with negative criticism over Trump ending the shutdown. Trump gave in. Trump loss. The Democrats won. Trump is a wimp. Trump got owned by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a woman.

To some so-called supporters and a few conservatives, Trump caved on a signature campaign promise to build a wall along our southern border to protect the country from the crossing of illegal aliens aka undocumented persons. A promise that was made during his campaign for the presidency and after becoming president.

Never mind the fact that in the two-years Trump has been president he has fulfilled more promises and accomplished more than any of his predecessors. Just to name a few he has: placed two Supreme Court Justices on the court, New NAFTA agreement, Tariffs on China, Business Regulations Reduced, Strong Economy, Low unemployment (especially for blacks and Hispanics, Prison Reform, Iran Deal nixed, US Embassy placed in Jerusalem, brought back Merry Christmas, Exposed the DC Swamp, and promising talks with North Korea. According to an article published last October by the Washington Examiner, Trump has had 289 accomplishments during his 20 months in office ( Out of all these accomplishments for me the biggest is he defeated Hillary Clinton to become president.

So realizing Nancy Pelosi wasn't going to let the House vote on a bill to fund a security border wall to protect the country, the president decided it was best to put Americans before politics and a security border wall that previous presidents like Clinton and Obama had supported. A border security wall that even Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, and others strongly supported before it became apparent that Trump would take the bold step to achieve that border security.

Why then, with two more years left to go, and a record of accomplishments and promises kept, would the media assume and conservatives and lukewarm supporters say he caved when all he did was show compassion for the least amongst us? A simple act of kindness that I'm not sure he knew had but certainly those on the left thought didn't exist. But he is president, and the president has opened the government and is giving Congress three weeks to come up with a bill that would fund border security.

President Trump is always looking out for America, which is more than we can say for some, who are more concerned with their party political standing than the countries security.

No President Trump didn't cave. He merely demonstrated, yet again, he is a man who can't be easily explained. A man who many think doesn't have his finger on the pulse of the American voter. He has proven them wrong with a simple act of compassion that should not be so easily dismissed as caving.

President Trump won. What, I ask, have Democrats offered as compassion to Americans other open borders and a willingness to play politics?


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