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Kamala Harris is Black Jamaican American

She, Kamala Harris, won’t go there but I will. No one is trying to sow hate into this election but the left and Democrats. Typical.

I’m sick and tired of the liberal MSM trying to tell the black experience. Even some black liberal commentators buy into the white liberal narrative. Black people need to stop allowing others to define who they are and then get mad when the definition isn’t what they thought it should be.

Here it is in a nutshell. Kamala Harris is black, but she is not African American, as she and the liberal media claim. She is black because her parents are black and brown. Her father black Jamaican and her mother brown Indian from India. By lineage, she would be considered a Jamaican American or black Jamaican American and not African American.

Some will now ask about Barack Obama. He is legitimately African American as his father is directly from Africa. I know there are black people born in America whose distant, distant, distant ancestors were from Africa calling themselves African Americans. They have been deceived by white and black liberals. They are Americans and at best black Americans. This entire African American claim that started nearly 30 years ago is perhaps misguided.

Before blacks became African Americans, they called themselves Afro-Americans, black and or Negro and so on and on. Know who you are and don’t let anyone change it for political expediency. I know my distant ancestors are from Africa and they are also from Asia and Europe. My blood is a melting pot, but when I look in the mirror and wake up I am a black human being.

Hardly ever, if ever, do whites say they are European Americans. They say white or Anglo American. On the census, the color listed is “white or Anglo”. Only when it comes to identifying blacks does this misidentification occur.

To be clear, I’m not saying deny the roots of your lineage, but I am saying the lineage is so far removed why deny the current origin of America the land where many black ancestors toiled and shed blood? This is your land just like everyone else born here. The land is just as much your land as it is native Americans. We need to get beyond the politics of identity.

So finally if Kamala Harris is lucky enough to secure her parties' nomination she would be the first Jamaican American or black Jamaican American to hold such a position.

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