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Modern Day Robin Hood

She is one of the most dangerous persons on the political stage and the United States. Do not underestimate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yes, she is young, naive, foolish and bubbly. These are all signs of a diabolical maniac. She has 22 million plus followers. A majority of them, if not all, are prototypes of her and share her beliefs.

Normally, freshmen congressmen are seen but not her. Not AOC, as she is referred, she is out front and center with a socialist agenda. While she doesn't have a grasp on any of the issues, which is evident in her interviews, one thing she knows and sticks with is the distribution of wealth and taking from the rich.

Sure it is fun to make fun of her, but keep your eyes on her and what she says. She is fearless and cares nothing for her party leaders or the current economic system. She could be the death of our society if she goes unchecked. Do not underestimate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC.

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