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Serving Fast Food Is Racist? Really?

Once again the liberal MSM and comedians are proving how much they love President Barack Obama and hate President Donald Trump.

Recently Trump invited the Clemson Football team to the White House to celebrate their victory. Because the government is shutdown Trump decided to cater the event with fast food. Well, the liberal MSM wasn't having none of that. They lambasted the president for his choice of catering, with some saying he was a misogynist (see prior posting). An ESPN commentator even played the race card saying the sport is dominated by blacks. Really, blacks can't east fast food? Then too, the Clemson football roster shows both whites and blacks. Why did ESPN had to go and sully the moment for these boys?

If you look back in time, you'll find that Obama once served up fast food to his staff and the MSM loved it.

Bottom line, no matter what Trump does the liberal MSM will find fault. They simply can't allow him a win at anything. Needless to say the players thought the catering by Trump was the best, as not many people can say they at fast food with the president.

Go figure.

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