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Suffer ​The Little Children: Jazmine Barnes

Her body was yet to be buried. It's doubtful the family had decided what dress she would wear, or how her hair would be combed. Would her soft hair be two pigtails or baby doll curls? Would her final rest be in a dress of her favorite color? Would the dress be pink with ruffles or white like an angel? Would anyone notice she was a princess?

Doubtful. And it really doesn't matter now what she'll wear or how her hair will be combed or that she was just an innocent child named Jazmine Barnes shot dead in Houston.

You see the liberal mainstream media was only concerned about Jazmine being killed, when they thought the killer was a white man. Even Jazmine's mother and sisters, grieving over her death, had described a white man to police, as the possible killer. Like clockwork professional sketcher Lois Gibson, the same artist who provided the picture of the man who threatened porn star Stormy Daniels, sketched a picture of a white man. The sketch began making its rounds on social media and other places, with a tinge of a racially motivated hate crime tagged to it. Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and the County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said they hoped Jazmine's death would lead to more discussions about gun violence prevention and race relations. Jackson Lee told supporters at a rally in Houston, "Don't be afraid to call this what it seems to be: a hate crime."

Despite evidence to the contrary of the killer not being white, Gonzalez kept pushing the white narrative, along with self-proclaimed white activist Shaun King. According to sources, King received an anonymous tip that the killer was not white but black. He seemingly passed this tip on to Gonzalez. Yet King tweeted that the killer was white and circulated the sketch of a white man. King along with other activists and celebrities pushed the theory of a white man as the killer and established a $100,000 reward for information leading to the person's arrest.

Given the political climate at the moment the left and liberal MSM wanted and needed the killer to be white. The fact that an innocent black child was killed didn't matter. Who did the killing and the color (identity politics) mattered more. They needed a white man to further the narrative of white people being emboldened by a racist President Donald Trump to attack blacks. But now the left and liberal MSM are left to deal with the harsh reality of black on black violence in the inner city. A subject they care not to tackle.

And so it ends, as fate would have it, a black man named Eric Black Jr., 20, arrested Saturday, Jan. 5, in a traffic stop for not using his turn signal. After being taken into custody, he admitted to taking part in the Dec. 30th shooting. Also in custody, is another black man, Larry Woodruffe, 24 , who is said to be an accomplice.

Unfortunately, now that the true killers, it seems, have been arrested and they happen to be black and not white, as the liberal MSM and some on the left had wanted, the memory of 7-year-old Jazmine will possibly fade away from headlines.

Just another black child killed. A number like so many other black children in the inner city killed by a black.

Makes you wanna throw up your hands and holla.


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